These are the outputs from the workshop: Design Visual Systems: Generative Tools for Identities that took place @ Spore, a collaborative design studio based in Corato BA – Italy. In collaboration with OpenRNDR and La Scuola Open Source. OpenRNDR is an OpenSource framework written in Kotlin and Java and also the name of this amazing studio in the Netherlands. See OPENRNDR on GitHub.

We’ve worked for 5 days to create the new identity for our host, Spore. (:


These are my first trials, we started investigating the software alone. I started with the Mosaic effect, investigating some coherent letterforms. Then I used the Particle system with some more consistent design of the letterforms.


When we merged into one group made of 6 people, we decided to use my first trials to develop something all together. We started hacking the Mosaic effect with a grid made of different cells with 4 size orders. Then everyone of the group has quickly designed a stripe made of 8 symbols, in order to be read by the software and visualize that interesting generative effect.


Credits: Roberto Lorenzon – Gianluca Monaco – Michele Pellegrino – Filippo Rossi – Marina Sforza

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