Hello world! I’m Micol Salomone, class ’93, I am a graphic designer, Art enthusiast and digital lover.


My Education

I’ve got a Bachelors Degree in Design and Communication in 2015, but I can mostly say to be self-taught. Conventional teaching methods never fitted me well – that’s why I decided to follow a custom path. I love to work in team in an engaging environment, as I am always in search for the next workshop! I’m now part of the Creative section at  Apple Developer Academy in Naples, where I’m working as an app developer, practicing mostly with UI and UX design.

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Next Goals

The Apple Developer Academy in Naples has been an enriching opportunity for me. Here I learned how to challenge myself to achieve further goals. I’ve been working with a lot of people from different countries and backgrounds. I also learned how to manage a group and how to drive their attention to develop something meaningful for all of us.

After the Academy I’ll continue my learning journey – meeting and working with creative people from all around the world.

Join me, pirate!

I’m always in search for collaborators, so if you are an entrepreneur, a digital designer, a geek, a creative, a marketer, a seller or – in general – if you’re interested in building a project for the next future and you need help, contact me!

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